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Learn Chinese through Stories

When you learn with stories, you don’t just learn a language, you learn to use the language.



You start by reading and listening to the story. You simply enjoy immersing yourself in the language, without feeling like you're studying at all!


With our “story first” approach, you'll find that new words stick more easily and that your brain learns grammar intuitively. 


You are not just ‘rote learning’, but reinforcing everything you have already learned. This means you learn it more deeply, and remember it for longer!

About Me

Hello! I’m Yue, a teacher and a content creator. In the past 12 years I've worked with students from around the world with a goal of helping them to master the language through fun and engaging stories.

I love teaching. It is my passion. It has taught me to be a life-long learner and  it helps bring value and meaning to my life.

I also love storytelling. Our stories are powerful. They define who we are and the way we conduct ourselves. They color the lens through which we view the world. 


With a clearer picture in mind, my goal is to frame your experience in a new way by using Chinese language. 

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learn from Library

Stories help you read for pleasure at your level, so you can form a lifelong passion for reading in Chinese.

connect through events

Meet and share experience at Yue's events and give the learnt knowledge a real practice. 

create your story

Reflect on your experience and write it down to create even more repetition of vocabulary and language patterns.




I  study Chinese online with Yue on weekly baiss. I am deeply impressed by how passionate she is and how well she adapts the class to my needs. I started with the basis of Chinese pronunciation, reading, writing and speaking. Now the language is no longer that difficult for me anymore. I hope you enjoy learning Chinese with her as much as I do. 


She is the best teacher I have ever had.  I love my mandarin lessons and I look forward to my classes. Whenever I speak, I am told that my Chinese is very good. 我爱我的老师!谢谢!

Charlotte, United States

Yue is patient, easy-going, cheerful and motivating. She has been the best teacher I've ever had. She teaches me everything with a pinch of positive attitude, which is crucial when learning Chinese. She is always willing to help me improve, and I am sure you will succeed if you chose her as a teacher.

Yedra,Talavera de la Reina, Spain

I decided to learn Chinese a couple of years ago and was able to easily find some free resources on Internet. The very first steps were easy and I was able to learn a few words, being able to say “hello” and “thank you” and stuff like that in no time. But then came the hard and nearly impossible part, having to master correctly the tones. For us, westerners, we are used to use the tones to express feelings in our sentences: interrogation, surprise, sadness and so on. But for the Chinese, a different tone to the same word is a different meaning and I couldn't really master those tones. I was about to stop that learning experience but I decided to give it a last chance by taking a few lessons. That's how I found Yue. She patiently and very efficiently helped me through that challenge and today I am still learning and doing good progress. 

Philippe,Crosshaven, Ireland

It has been a great experience to be Yue's student. The lessons are well-organized and she is very dedicated and attentive to my needs. Now I feel comfortable talking to my Chinese friends. I highly recommend Yue to anyone interested in the language and Chinese culture!

Renato,Basel, Swizerland

Studying Chinese with Yue gives me a very strong foundation in Chinese and I was able to pass HSK 4. The mix among engaging topics, fun conversations and well-structured grammar activities give me a lot of confidence in my Chinese.

Franck,Alsace, France

Apart from her top-notch professional teaching qualities, what really touches me is her positive attitude which is so crucial as a teacher in order to keep students motivated.

Hans,Geneva, Swizerland

I studied several years with Yue, and I can only say she is a nice, clever, prepared and patient teacher. I recommend her to everyone who is willing to learn Chinese. I had with her a pleasant time and more importantly: I learnt a lot...

Yali, Italy


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