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Is this you?

You have been Learning Mandarin Chinese for quite some time but...

  • Feel like the learning materials you're using don't prepare you for the real life conversations

  • You struggle to make sense of what native speakers say or don't know how to respond

  • You know every single characters but don't know how to structure them into a phrase

  • Want to speed up the process of understanding spoken Chinese so that you can have meaningful conversations 

Let me help you to shorten the gap
between theory and practice to get real results with your Chinese learning 

What do I mean by real results?

I'm talking about...

  • unscripted, spontaneous thinking and communication

  • filler words, hesitations and incomplete sentences

  • "incorrect" grammar, slang and regional accents

  • real people, real opinions and real feelings...

In other words, I'm talking about the kind of Mandarin Chinese you need to understand to be able to confidently communicate and socialise, to help build relationships with Chinese friends, colleagues, customers, partners...

My main focus is to expose you to Chinese learning through stories, and give you the tools you need to make sense of it. Simple as that.

What Services do we offer?

  • Weekly podcast stories from advanced beginner to master

  • Chinese Readers corresponding to New HSK syllabus

  • Daily Chinese events to meet other people and cultivate "cross-cultural"perspectives

  • Private Chinese Q&A for all levelled learners

  • Our digital books to help you read for pleasure at your level

If you'd like to get practical tips and free learning lessons that you can use to start improving your Chinese listening, reading and speaking skills right away, simply enter your email below and click "Get My Free Email Course".

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